KMH horizontal plus series

KMH horizontal plus series

It adopts imported famous brand numerical control system, automatic tool changer and three-axis and four-axis linkage control system. It can automatically and continuously process all kinds of processes such as milling, drilling, expanding, reaming and tapping. It is an indispensable part in the machining of automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, aerospace, sewing machinery, military industry and so on, which is widely used in the production of various kinds of plane, hole and complex shape surface of mass production, especially the box-like workpieces, improving machining precision and processing efficiency. device of.

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Product Features

◎ Base casting with high precision five-side gantry processing, a fixture to complete the five-sided milling, drilling, tapping, reducing the clamping error and improve the machining accuracy

◎ High-frequency quenching sliding rail or heavy-duty high-precision roller guide, can withstand heavy load cutting, with good shock absorption

◎ Base with popular inverted "T" type layout, the overall structure of high rigidity, the whole trip does not produce subversion torque

◎ Indexing table for the 1 ° X360, rat tooth plate positioning, positioning accuracy

◎ The screw adopts 60 ° angular contact ball bearing, double support and pre-stretching to ensure the transmission accuracy

◎ Spindle using high-power dual-winding servo motor drive wide, large output torque

◎ Using Taiwan's high-precision spindle, the standard speed, and with a spindle air curtain protection device to ensure that the spindle accuracy and long life

◎ Intermittent centralized lubrication oil supply system, the cycle of quantitative lubrication of the lubrication, the use of friction to form and maintain the appropriate amount of lubricating oil film

◎ Taiwan's well-known brands cam manipulator-type tool changer, magazine drive and manipulator drivers are used servo motor, simplifying the mechanical structure, improve the reliability of tool change system

Related commands

Spindle speed 6000r/min
BT50 Handle
Spindle and servo overload protection
Rigid tapping
Cam magazine
Fully enclosed protective cover
  Electronic hand wheel
  Lighting device
  Double spiral chip conveyor
  Automatic lubrication system
  Electric box thermostat
  Spindle Tool Cooling System Toolbox
  RS232 Interface
  Air gun
BT50 Handle
24/30/40/60 The cam magazine
The cam magazine
Three - axis grating detection device
Workpiece Measuring System
Tool Measuring System
  The spindle is cold
  0.001° CNC rotary table
  Chain chip conveyor
  Tool length setter and edge finder
 Water separator
  Spindle water cooling device
  Network function

Technical Parameters

ITEMSKMH450KMH450/1KMH500KMH500/2KMH630KMH630/2KMH800KMH800/2 KMH1000KMH1000/2
Processing rangeX axis travel(mm)600740105013001300
Y axis travel(mm)50068075010001000
Z axis travel55065090010001000
Spindle end surface to table center line distance(mm)100-650130-780130-1030200-1200200-1200
Spindle center line to the work surface(mm)110-6100-500120-8000-680120-8700-750120-11200-1000120-11200-1000
WorkbenchWorking table size(mm)450×450500×600500×600500×630630×700800×8001000×1000
Number of workstations (个)1212121212
Maximum load(kg)45060095015002000
Minimum indexing angle(mm)1°×3601°×360 1°×3601°×3601°×360
Work table in the form (a)24×M16 Threaded hole24×M16 Threaded hole24×M16 Threaded hole24×M16 Threaded hole24×M16 Threaded hole
Maximum workpiece turning diameter(mm)¢700¢700¢750¢750¢820¢1600¢820
Structure of switchboard-Rotary type- Rotary type-Rotary type-Rotary push-pull-Rotary push-pull
Workbench exchange time(s)-15-15-15-50- 58
SpindleSpindle speed(rpm)80006000600060006000
Spindle taper holeBT40BT50BT50BT50BT50
Spindle motor(kw)1111/1515/18.518.5/2218.5/22
SpeedFast moving speed(X、Y、Z axis)(m/min) 36/36/36 36/36/36 36/36/3624/24/2424/24/24
Fast moving speed(B axis)(rpm/m)1010 101010
MagazineNumber of tools (to)24 2424/4024/6024/40/60
Shank typeBT40BT50BT50BT50BT50
PrecisionPositioning accuracy(X、Y、Z axis)(mm)
Positioning accuracy(B axis)1010101012
重复定位精度(B axis)55556
OtherAir pressure(Kg/cm²)66666
Machine Dimension (L × W × H)(mm)3500×2100×29004100×2100×29003600×2500×2850 4600×2500×28503800×3000×32005500×3000×32004800×3800×3900 6700×3800×39004800×3800×39506500×3800×3950
Mechanical net weight(kg)800090009000100009600 105001500018600 1860023000