KMD engraving and milling machine series

KMD engraving and milling machine series

Its sharp cutting machine adopts high rigidity gantry type gantry structure, the body is high grade resin sand casting, and the internal stress is eliminated by artificial aging treatment to prevent the deformation of the machine tool. The main functional parts are well-known manufacturers or imported brands, Taiwan ball screw, linear guide, the Japanese servo motor. To ensure high precision machine tools, stable operation. Applicable to the automotive industry, household appliances, injection molds, metal molds, carving mold industry, such as: car tires, lamp mold, copper (graphite) electrode, shoe mold, pen mold, toy mold, metal mold, Mold, Machinable copper, iron, steel, aluminum and other metals, graphite, plexiglass, wood and other materials.

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Product Features

◎ Gantry structure

Bridge and pillar overall casting, multi-ribs, box-type structure, one processing molding, high-speed cutting tool is not vibration knife, improve machining accuracy and surface finish.

◎ Axial motor direct connection

Three-axis axial motor and ball screw with direct-coupled design, transmission efficiency of 100%, no belt drive of the back, servo response speed, high precision machining.

◎ Rotatable control panel

  For long-time mechanical operators, rotating control panels can significantly improve operator comfort, reduce fatigue, improve workplace safety and productivity, whether it is tool alignment or monitoring of machine and process conditions during machining.

◎ High-speed spindle

18000 ~ 30000 turn motor built-in spindle, allowing slenderness than the higher depth of processing tool. Especially for a very small radius of the clearance angle processing, or directly replace the EDM high-precision cutting, can be easily completed.

◎ Worktable full stroke support

Workbench completely placed on the base, the whole trip support, five overhanging phenomenon, high precision.

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Technical Parameters

ItemsUnit  KMD-650/650S  KMD-860/860SKMD-7080KMD-80120
 Working desk sizemm600×500800×600800×700800×1200
The maximum load bearing table300400800900
Spindle end to table distancemm120-370120-450150-450150-450
Spindle taper-ER25/ ER32ER25/ ER32   ER32ER32
Spindle speed   -18000/2400018000/2400018000/2400018000/24000
X, Y, Z axis rapid feedm/min8888
X, Y, Z axis cutting feedm/min1-40001-40001-40001-4000
Positioning accuracymm±0.005±0.005±0.005±0.005
Repeatabilitymm±0.003±0.003   ±0.003   ±0.003
Width of the postmm   660760800900
Operating VoltageV380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
  Numerical control system-Taiwan's new generationTaiwan's new generationTaiwan's new generationTaiwan's new generation
Machine weight2800350042005200