KMR Gantry Series

KMR Gantry Series

It adopts imported famous brand numerical control system, automatic tool changer and three-axis and four-axis linkage control system. It can automatically and continuously process all kinds of processes such as milling, drilling, expanding, reaming and tapping. It is an indispensable part in the machining of automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, aerospace, sewing machinery, military industry and so on, which is widely used in the production of various kinds of plane, hole and complex shape surface of mass production, especially the box-like workpieces, improving machining precision and processing efficiency. device of.

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Product Features

◎ The bottom of the one-piece structure, the internal stiffener to increase the high rigidity design, the overall mechanical structure using Gb300 castings to ensure long-term deformation

◎ Wide column design, contact with the beam to increase the area, the vibration caused by stable processing; Standard height: 2.2 m, matching height: 2.4 m, for customers to choose 

◎ Box-shaped beam design, with double-layer to help strengthen the structure, double beam rigidity, to enhance the durability of mechanical precision and precision machining stability

◎ High-power spindle with 6000r.p.m two steps of variable speed gear box, providing low-speed heavy cutting capacity, and high-speed, precision machining capacity, processing a wide range

◎ One-piece carriage with double hydraulic counterweight, Z-axis screw and double symmetrical counterweight hydraulic cylinder center of the best location, can eliminate unbalanced moments generated to ensure the accuracy of micro-feed and long-term processing precision

◎ One-piece head, a substantial increase in structural rigidity, effectively prevent resonance and thermal changes, strengthen the cutting rigidity

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Technical Parameters

  Model  1320   1325162016302203  220422052206250325042505
Working table size (W ×L)(mm)1000×20001000×25001200×20001200×30001800×30001800×40001800×50001800×60002300×3000   2300×40002300×5000
Table travel direction of travel(X axis,mm)2000250020003000300040005000   6000300040005000
Spindle slide travel direction of travel(Yaxis mm)1350160022002700
The spindle travels up and down(Z axis mm)80080010001000
Gantry width(mm)1400165022002700
Spindle end surface to the table distance(mm)70~870175~975250~1250280~1280
Table T-slot (number - size × spacing)7-22×1507-22×1509-22×18011-28×200
Spindle specifications (model / diameter)BT50/Φ190BT50/Φ190BT50/Φ200BT50/Φ190
Spindle speed6000rpm6000rpm6000rpm6000rpm
   Spindle power(KW)22222230
XYZ axis rapid traverse(m/min)15/15/12101010
XY axis chip feed(mm/min)5-80005-8000   5-80005-8000
Tool storage capacity24/32/4032/40/6032//40/60   32//40/60
Maximum tool length(㎜)350350350350
The heaviest tool weight(㎏)18181818
Load - bearing table(T)34356101215   81215
Machine weight approx(T)1719192337423844455055
   Model2704 (Three-wire rail)2705(Three-wire rail)2706(Three-wire rail)2904(Three-wire rail)2905(Three-wire rail)3206(Four-wire rail)3208(Four-wire rail)420842104212
Working table size (W × L)(mm)2300×40002300×50002300×60002300×40002300×50002500×60002500×80003200×80003200×100003200×12000
Table travel direction of travel(X axis,mm)4200500060004000   50006200820080001000012000
   Spindle slide travel direction of travel(Y axis mm)27002900          3800(有效3200)4200
   The spindle travels up and down(Z axis mm)1000100012501500
Gantry width(mm)2700290032004200
   Spindle end surface to the table distance(mm)260~1260260~1260350~1600350~1850
Table T-slot (number - size × spacing)11—28×20011—28×20013-28×20015-28×200
Spindle specifications (model / diameter)BT50/Φ190BT50/Φ190BT50/Φ200BT50/Φ230
Spindle speed6000rpm6000rpm6000rpm3000rpm
Spindle power(KW)22222626
XYZ axis rapid traverse(m/min)101010   10
XY axis chip feed(mm/min)5-80005-8000   5-80005-8000
Tool storage capacity32//40/6032//40/60   32//40/6032//40/60
Maximum tool length(㎜)350350350   350
The heaviest tool weight(㎏)18181818
Load - bearing table(T)1618   2012182030404550
Machine weight approx(T)5464744554   8096116132160