KMF high-speed mold machine

KMF high-speed mold machine

Its sharp cutting machine adopts high rigidity gantry type gantry structure, the body is high grade resin sand casting, and the internal stress is eliminated by artificial aging treatment to prevent the deformation of the machine tool. The main functional parts are well-known manufacturers or imported brands, Taiwan ball screw, linear guide, the Japanese servo motor. To ensure high precision machine tools, stable operation. Applicable to the automotive industry, household appliances, injection molds, metal molds, carving mold industry, such as: car tires, lamp mold, copper (graphite) electrode, shoe mold, pen mold, toy mold, metal mold, Mold, Machinable copper, iron, steel, aluminum and other metals, graphite, plexiglass, wood and other materials.

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Product Features

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Technical Parameters

ITEMS   UnitKMF-600KMF-800KMF-900KMF-1300KMF-1600KMF-1600
  StrokeX axis travelmm600800900130015001600
Y axis travelmm4005006007008001200
Z axis travelmm450550600700800700
Spindle nose to table distancemm120-570120-670150-750160-860150-950120-820
WorkbenchWorking table sizemm700×420900×4501000×6001500×7001700×8002000×1300
  Table loadkgs350450800120015004000
SpindleSpindle motorkww5.5/7.55.5/7.5(7.5/11 Optional)7.5151526
Spindle drive
Direct connectionDirect connectionDirect connectionDirect connectionDirect connectionBuilt-in
Spindle speed (standard)rpm150001200012000120001200018000
Spindle speed (optional)rpm30000 Built-in spindle15000150001500015000   24000
Spindle bore (standard)
BT40BT40   BT40BT40BT40HSK-A63
FeedX/Y/Z Rapid feed   m/min   30/30/3030/30/3024/24/2424/24/2424/24/2420/20/20
X/Y/Z Chip feedmm/min1-10000   1-100001-100001-100001-100001-10000
PrecisionPositioning accuracymm±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300
  Automatic tool changeTool storage capacity (optional)
Maximum tool size (adjacent tool empty)mm150150150150150150
The heaviest tool weight(kg)mm888887
Maximum tool length(mm)mm250300350350350350
Shank form
  Other   Electricity demandKVA

Pressure sourceMP6.06.0
Mechanical net weightkg40004680   680095001300018000
Area (length × width)mm1960×2580×25602500×2700×2750   2350×3200×29004300×2900×34504800×3600×36505900×3500×3500